OAXRAY Affiliates Program

OAXRAY is now offering an affiliate program to movers and shakers within the Amazon seller community.  This program will provide you with discounts on, even free, OAXRAY service.  Additionally, it will provide you with monthly residual income, as long as those who purchase through your affiliate link continue use of the service.  Payouts will be made via PayPal on the 20th of each month for active subscriptions during the previous month.  Below is our payment and incentive structure.


1 affiliate subscription* $20/month payout
2 to 5 affiliate subscriptions* $25/month per subscription payout + 50% personal OAXRAY discount
6 to 10 affiliate subscriptions* $30/month per subscription payout + Free personal OAXRAY
11 or more affiliate subscriptions* $35/month per subscription payout + Free personal OAXRAY


We’ll provide you with a personalized link on the OAXRAY.com homepage as well as a PayPal subscribe button that you can use on your own webpage, emails, social media. The creators of OAXRAY are also happy to be available for interviews, demonstrations, and general support for OAXRAY to help you be a successful OAXRAY affiliate. Interested, fill out the application below. For more information or questions, email support@oaxray.com.

In addition to filling out the form below, in order to receive referral fees in excess of $599 per year, you must return a W9 form to support@oaxray.com.

* Full price subscriptions only.  Your own personal OAXRAY account is not counted as an affiliate subscription.

Affiliate Program Application
  • We reserve the right to reject applicants based on our own needs and criteria. Please allow 3 business days for us to review your application and if accepted, set up your custom link, PayPal button, and embeddable code.
  • https://www.oaxray.com/yournamehere