Sourcing for Resale on eBay

Sourcing Used Books on eBay – Part 1

Over a decade ago, way before OAXRAY existed, when I was primarily a bookseller, I used to get a good portion of my inventory with the following method of sourcing. OAXRAY would have saved me an incredible amount of time and streamlined the process greatly. Here's how it works. Do a search for some kind of used books on eBay ...
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Amazon Email Policy Change

In this video, Tedric explains the recent Amazon email policy changes and what it means for your business ...
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Protecting Your Amazon Account from Hacking

In this video, Tedric helps you to take steps to prevent getting your Amazon account hacked ...
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Affordable Sourcing in China

In this video, Tedric shows you how to source in China on a budget ...
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Putting Your Amazon Account on Vacation Settings

In this video, Ted explains how you can put your Amazon inventory on vacation mode: ...
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