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One of our newest features on OAXRAY is something called the “Search Log.”  And it both simple and awesome.  Now that Congress has authorized ISP’s to capture and sell your search history, we figured we’d get in on the action and keep a record of your OAXRAY scans.  Except this is much more useful and lots less creepy.  If you click on the Search Log tab, you’ll find a box on the left side that “remembers” your most recent searches.

You can easily copy these to your computer’s clipboard.  Then, you can compile lists of specific searches that you want to come back to.  Instead of scanning these pages over and over again, just copy them to the box in the Links tab and process them online or offline. Processing links offline will be better for larger batches of links (10 links or more) because it will process the links in the cloud on our server rather than opening up the tabs in your browser.  Depending on the speed of your computer, you may find that you need to either reduce or increase the 10 links recommendation.  If you process links online, everything will load in the main tab like normal.  If you process them offline, you’ll notice a queue at the bottom of your links tab.  Click load to table and a new tab will emerge with your data.

On the Search Log, you can clear the entire log or single search links.  This way you can quickly discard unprofitable links and save them for future use.

Want to see this live in action?  Check out Ted’s video below:

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