NEW FEATURE ALERT – OAXRAY’s Streamlined End-to-End Automated Process for Amazon Sellers – NO MORE WORK!

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Do you love the one click ease with which you can use OAXRAY to source products for you and generate scouting reports on products to resell on Amazon?

With OAXRAY, one click used to only show you what all the products would be worth if you flipped them on Amazon.  But with this new “Automated End-to-End Amazon Solution,” you won’t have to do hardly any more work at all in your Amazon business.

To begin the process, you’ll need to enable the “Automated Purchasing” in your settings.  The first thing you do is setup your spending thresholds in your settings and register your payment method(s).  Then you’re ready for Amazon easy street.

Click on a page like you normally do when sourcing with OAXRAY.  If you’ve enabled the automated buying feature, OAXRAY will now purchase all the items that meet your “My Buys” criteria.  Be sure to set up your rank, net profit, and ROI thresholds on the main tab of the extension.  Anything that meets your My Buys criteria will be automatically purchased.  How does it know how many items to purchase, you ask?  OAXRAY’s advanced algorithm will automatically determine the best number of each product to buy based on your available capital, historic pricing data, time of year, number of sellers sharing the buy box and other relevant factors.

But that still leaves sellers having to do the hard work of receiving the items, listing them, packing them up, and shipping them to Amazon.  But now with our automated “List-it-and-forget-it” feature, simply go to your settings and enter the address and credentials of your FBA prep warehouse.  OAXRAY will use this address in the “Automated Purchasing” process while simultaneously submitting the listings along with box level details to Amazon and generating FNSKU and shipping labels that are automatically sent to the prep warehouse of your choice.

Sound good?  Well, it gets better.  If we stopped here, you’d have to keep repeating this process over and over again.  But if you enable the “Automated Replenisher” feature, OAXRAY will detect when you’re low on the product, double check the current prices and ranks according to your My Buys criteria and then automatically purchase the items again if your currently available capital allows.

To enable the “List-it-and-forget-it” and “Automated Replenisher” feature, you’ll need to go into your settings and connect OAXRAY directly to your Seller Central account.

That’s it!  Once you’re setup, all you have to do is literally click around a few times, sit around and wait on your money.  What could go wrong?







April Fools!

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