Unlock the Power of OAXRAY with “Stacking”

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“Stacking” is a technique that all the coolest online arbitrage sellers are doing.  If the cool kids are doing it, you should too.

Stacking is the online version of those extreme couponers with their fanny packs asking for the manager to come over and write them a rain check on a promotion for an out-of-stock item.  See, cool, right?

There are four main components to stacking:

  1. Deals
  2. Discounted Gift Cards
  3. Cash Back Sites
  4. Credit Card Rewards

You “stack” all of these cost cutting tools together to drastically reduce your price.  For example, at the time of this writing, CVS was offering a 30% off sale.

CVS gift cards are for in store use only (Boo!), but let’s pretend that CVS was more awesome than it is and did have online gift cards – currently at GiftCardZen, they are going for about 14% off.  So, for you math nerds, we’re up to a 44% discount now.  For those of you who are satisfied with 44%, you can stop here.  But the rabbit hole goes deeper – we must next add in our cash back sites.  At the time of writing, TopCashBack is offering 8% back at CVS, but alas, it appears the cash back is for CVSPhoto only.  So, again, let us pretend CVS is cooler than they really are and the rebate was site wide as they typically are.  Now we’re up to 52% off.  But wait, there’s more.  Buy the discounted gift card with a credit card that pays you reward points or cash back – 1.5% cash back is certainly possible here, so we’re up to 52.5% off virtually every product.

Still not enough for you?  Watch for additional cash back offers on the discounted gift card sites like Raise – typically 1% on a good day.  That gets us to 53.5% off.

Now, this wasn’t quite a real world example since there were prohibitive rules with the gift cards and cash back in this example and you’ll often run into roadblocks on one or more layers in the stack.  But getting 30 to 50% discount and sometimes more is entirely common and a great way to open up a world of sourcing possibilities with the power of OAXRAY.

Now all you’ve got to do is enter the calculated stack discount and put it in the discount box in OAXRAY and your chart will automatically update the Net Profit and ROI.

And now you know how to stack.



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