Who Are We?

OAXRAY was created by sellers just like you. Tedric Paulk and Todd Noren-Hentz are both veteran Amazon sellers and have nearly a combined 20 years of experience between them. Tedric and Todd met as professional sourcers for the now defunct Deals Done Right service. They combined Todd’s data extraction techniques along with Tedric’s experience in managing custom software development and the end result was OAXRAY.


Tedric Paulk has been selling online part time since 2008. He discovered the Amazon FBA program later that year and was able to sell online full time beginning in 2010. Since that time, he has been able to build many scouting and sourcing tools for the Amazon marketplace. In 2015 he co-founded OAXRAY and has been helping sellers expand their ecommerce businesses. To schedule a free call with Tedric Paulk fill out the information below.

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Todd Noren-Hentz - head shot

Todd Noren-Hentz has been selling on Amazon part time since 2004. Todd also works full time as a United Methodist pastor. Todd enjoys thinking outside the box and doing geeky things with computers and spreadsheets. He also enjoys dominating his son at Pokemon. He’s also happy to help you with any Amazon or OAXRAY questions.

Both Tedric and Todd are accessible on Facebook.